How to Make Every Morning a Miracle


If you had to rank the following categories of your life on a scale of awesomeness (1 being the least awesome, and 10 being the most); ideally, where would you want all of these things to be?   Relationships Career/Finances Spirituality Health/Exercise Education This is the point where you say, “Jordan, is that really a […]

DAY #25: Where Have We Been?


It has been a few weeks since I posted last, with running a few companies, growing a essential oils business, and having trips planned for the holidays something had to give; we apologize for our absence, but we are excited to report how things are going. The first 25 days have been eye opening for […]

Day #7: Evaluate, Improve, and Progress


Dear Reader, I can only assume that if you are reading these 100-Day “Prove It” Challenge posts, you are: Already working to grow a essential oils business Are intensely interested, or investigating the idea of, growing a essential oils business. You are infatuated with Kyle and Myself. Assuming that most of you probably fall into […]

t sites with the reprocessed key phrase classified ads this charges $5 for you to $50 a month. A huge quantity of of students formerly applied those individuals timeframe cardstock. Blouse removed from academic creating features that just offer you 225 terminology regarding write-up select. Our team craft a minimum of 150 created articles on […]

DAY #5: Pep Talk


For DAY #5 we sent our team a pep talk video, that let them know that if all of their dreams did not come true in this first week, then there is no need to panic.  Usually the pursuits that are most worth our time are the ones that take a lot of effort and […]

DAY #4: Your Shakespeare is Showing


During DAY#3 we gave you a look at our landing page strategy. These landing pages, just like most of the landing pages we create, are a simple agreement between the potential customer and us. To put it really simply, here is the dialogue that is going on: US: Hey we will give you our eBook […]

DAY #3: What’s in a Name?


These first few days have been filled with foundational tasks that we will be able to build off of for the remainder of our 100-day challenge. When starting a business, sometimes it is easy to be a dog chasing cars, but after being hit by a few cars of our own, Kyle and I have […]

DAY#2: Team Training Video


Today was a busy day, trying to get everything off the ground and insure that every member of our team has the tools that they need to see great success.  I cannot promise that we will be posting content everyday for the next 100 days, but we sent this video out to each member of […]