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We LOVE building amazing resources that help you grow your business.  It does not matter what team you are on, what training system you support, or what country you live in- We are working non-stop to become the help that you’ve been waiting for!  Here is a look at a few of the tools that […]

Starting Your Email Newsletter


Email newsletters and auto-responders are a huge tool in both building and managing your essential oils team. The only problem is, that there is no one to walk you through how to start, and what to use this new tool for. This article has been divided into three segments: Creating an Aweber account Building your […]

The Grow dō Business Partner

The Grow do Business Partner

What if you had a resource that not only taught you how you can be more effective at growing a essential oils business, but also gave you tools that made applying those trainings even easier? What if you could purchase duplication? What if you could purchase a supportive upline?What if you could purchase a resource […]

How To Make Professional Smartphone Videos

Make Professional Smartphone Videos

Hey Everybody, in this post we are going to explain how to make professional videos using a smartphone. Videos are an AWESOME way to get attention, train your team, and grow your business.  We recommend that anyone trying to grow essential oils business online (or any business) to make videos and post them often. Videos are not […]

Create A Google Ad

Create A Google Ad

In this article I will cover the very basics of creating a Google ad. We will be creating a follow up post that talks more about the strategy behind ads and how you can optimize them in order to increase conversion rates. You may be wondering, why would I create a Google ad? Well, we […]

How to Create Professional essential oils Images

How To Create Professional Essential Oil Images

I did some impressive googling and it seems that the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousands words,” was first put into print in 1911. Don’t you think that it seems wrong that the worth of a picture has not changed in the least bit over the last 100 years? If a picture was […]

Making your essential oils blog look great

Making Your Essential Oil Blog Look Great

We have had a great interest in creating and working with blogs. This video is a companion to the tutorial that we made a few weeks ago called ‘Create Your Own essential oils Blog‘. We arranged this video to pick up where the other left off and show you how you can configure the blog you […]

Organizing Your Business with Google Drive


Wellness Advocates are required to wear many different hats to maintain a successful business: Salesperson, Marketer, Accountant, Event Planner, Teacher, Mentor, and sometimes much more than this. It is no wonder that many of us get so overwhelmed with what is required of us to be successful. A major challenge that Jordan and I have […]

How to Use essential oils Keywords for SEO


In this post, I will teach you some basic tips and tactics for using keywords to promote your essential oils business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can implement all of the things I’ll teach you today for free–a price point that we all love! SEO is the best, no-cost way to get yourself, your content, […]

Learn While Working… and Learning


Kyle and I are firm believers that action is one of life’s best teachers.  From action we can learn to do, to improve, to change, to adapt, to share, to combine, to create, to ignore, and to emphasize.  Action has been one of the greatest helpers in the creation of our business.  Why?  Because action […]