Tips From The Top


We became experts at web development and online marketing by studying the actions of the world’s foremost experts.  We read books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, and then practiced like crazy.  This education allowed us to duplicate those who had achieved great things, and improve upon some of the most up-to-date and effective techniques.

The “Tips from the Top” section provides you with a place to learn about (and from) experts who are growing and maintaining a essential oils business, as well as experts in other applicable fields. These interviews are priceless, and if applied, they can provide that extra education needed to tip the scales in your direction.

Tips From The Top

  • Neal Anderson

    Neal Anderson is a essential oils diamond, and an expert “SHARE“ person. He has spent a majority of his adult life honing the skills that are necessary to be successful at sharing great products with everyday people.In this segment... View The Interview

  • Jessica Iddings

    Join Jordan in an interview with essential oils Blue Diamond Jessica Iddings. In this conversation we discuss the art of balancing work and family, common concerns of network marketing, and tips to achieve success with essential oils. We hope... View The Interview