Jessica Iddings


Join Jordan in an interview with essential oils Blue Diamond Jessica Iddings. In this conversation we discuss the art of balancing work and family, common concerns of network marketing, and tips to achieve success with essential oils. We hope you enjoy!

Jessica Iddings is a Blue Diamond with essential oils, and has a background in massage therapy.  With her amazing ability to love and serve, she has been able to help the members of her team achieve incredible success, without letting her family fall to the wayside.  This interview is great for anyone who has struggled with the following questions:

  • Do I have enough time to see success with essential oils?
  • Can I balance being a wife, mother, and essential oils wellness advocate?
  • What makes essential oils different than other MLM companies?
  • What attributes make a good essential oils leader?

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  • Sheila R.

    I love this because as a stay at home mom with little ones, and on top of that we have taken in three extra kids (relatives) and on top of all of that I babysit on the side! So time is a big hurdle for me! :-)

  • Kyle Hill

    Totally agree Sheila. It sounds like you are a busy mom! There just aren’t enough hours in a day, am I right?

    • Sheila R.

      What I wouldn’t give for the energy of a toddler! :-)